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  • Audio : What is the relationship between audio and speakers, and what is the difference ?

    What is the relationship between speakers and speakers, what is the difference ? Let us know about speakers and speakers. Audio is an indispensable part of our lives, whether at home, in a shopping mall, record store, or concert, etc. Did you once think that audio and speakers are the same?  The ...
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  • Sound Bar (Sound Bar)

    Sound Bar (Sound Bar)  With the large-scale popularization of flat-screen high-definition TVs, the soundbar combo box is also growing rapidly. It is easy to use and install, cost-effective, stylish and novel in shape design, and matches well with the shape of a flat-screen TV. This makes the sou...
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  • Do you need a subwoofer?

    If you really want to get the most benefit from movies and music, it is still recommended to choose a soundbar with sub-items, or choose the option to add a soundbar. Most soundbars are too slim to reproduce low-frequency sound , So in many cases a separate wireless subwoofer is included. You can...
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  • How to choose a home sound bar, how to choose the right home sound bar

    Usually, the sound bar provides you with the option of wall-mounted installation on the projection screen, of course, you can also simply put them on the projection screen stand, and the platform model is located under the projection screen. Human voice quality The sound bar will make your projec...
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  • Home theater audio trends:

    Audio manufacturers have found that invisible audio can provide better audio and video solutions for living rooms. Compared with professional private theaters, living room theaters have a more open space and a wider field of vision. At the same time, in terms of cost, the living room theater can ...
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  • What is the difference between home theater audio and professional KTV audio?

    What entertainment is enjoyed by all ages ? I think the answer should be Kara the OK . At present, home theater has become one of the main entertainment items at home, but this alone is not enough. More and more people want to pursue a higher quality of life home video, home theater and the Kara ...
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  • Speaker: what should I do if there is electric sound in the speaker

    The noise problem of active speakers often troubles us. In fact, as long as we carefully analyze and investigate, most of the audio noise can be solved by ourselves. Here is a brief analysis of the reasons for the noise generated by the audio and the self-checking method for reference when needed...
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  • Does the volume of the speaker have anything to do with the power?

    Acoustics refer to sounds other than human language and music, including sounds of the natural environment, sounds of animals, sounds of machinery and tools, and various sounds made by human actions. Does it matter if the sound volume is more powerful ? Let’s explore it together ! There is ...
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